Our Plant Layout

AG Machining is a leading contract manufacturer located on the West Coast of the United States of America and is one of the market leaders in the supply of data cabinets and cable support accessories.

AG Machining’s Equipment Design and Manufacturing service is an evolution of the traditional contract manufacturing model. We make your products better.

In developing a variety of different customer products for manufacture, engineers at AG Machining can tap into experience gained as the business has evolved over the last decade. The transformation from small back street metal fabricator to a leader in the equipment design and manufacturing sector has taken a little over 10 years.

“If we help to grow our customers’ businesses, then we’ll grow behind them.

Some customers will require additional manufacturing capacity, others will be looking for a fresh perspective or expertise and experience that sits outside of their current thinking.

Our customers trust AG Machining to deliver a complete product direct to their customers, fully tested, branded and packaged, as if it had left their own embedded facility.

It works for customers operating a service driven business model, underpinned by a product but with limited technical or manufacturing experience. It works for businesses developing core technologies who can’t afford to be distracted by unnecessary concerns around engineering fundamentals. It works for businesses looking to accelerate the journey from concept to market, either for brand new products or developments of existing technologies.”

Angel Garcia, President

End-to-end capabilities
Resolving challenges and making improvements has always been central to the approach at AG Machining, and as a result our team has developed end-to-end capabilities backed with manufacturing know-how that apply to components, sub-assemblies and fully finished product alike. Along the way, we have developed server cabinets for market leading internet carriers.

Flexibility is fundamental to equipment design and manufacture
Flexibility is key for a successful contract manufacturing company. Capable of transferring knowledge from one project and product to another (across non-conflicting sectors – sector exclusivity is fundamental in contract manufacturing), and getting involved at any stage of the product lifecycle from initial concept to market entry and revitalization to maximize investment value. This flexibility is mirrored by the customer service demands of receiving urgent orders and meeting critical deadlines. however it is also matched by robust systems and processes that are essential in such a dynamic environment.

AG Machining’s team of skilled engineers and manufacturing experts work with established leaders and emerging businesses developing innovative and disruptive propositions in clean technology equipment and industrial markets. This combination of people, processes and flexible manufacturing capabilities, allows AG Machining’s customers to focus on core intellectual property and market development, while collaboration ensures an optimal product and the capacity to meet market demand.

For those looking for an outsourced solution, AG Machining is capable of adding value at any stage of the product lifecycle or offering a complete end-to-end service. From development and prototyping, mass customization and supply chain management through manufacturing and final assembly.

Bryan Garcia, AGM Vice President“It’s not just about making things; it’s about knowing how to make them…better. The core of AG Machining’s business is mass customization and manufacture. In simple terms, we make things for other people.”

Bryan Garcia, Vice President