AGM Facility – Overview

Our AG Machining facility is located in a clean, private and modern industrial park in Moorpark, California. Located just off of highway 118, a commute of less than an hour from the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The facility is approximately 120,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space.

Our facility has ceilings with a height of 26 feet. The shipping area includes 14 covered dock doors. The facility has enough spaces to accommodate 233 parked vehicles. The construction of the facility includes tilt-up concrete walls and concrete floors that are 6 inches thick.

Best-in-class manufacturing

Our identity has always been associated with high quality manufacturing in the USA. We have made the strengthening of our manufacturing facility a cornerstone of our business strategy.

This has provided the following benefits:

  • Cost-competitiveness – one of the lowest-cost manufacturing facilities on the West Coast of the United States
  • Flexible and responsive service – providing specialized service and late customization
  • Customer sentiment – perception of quality attached to USA manufacturing
  • Cash benefits – working capital implications of efficient facilities and time-to-market.

Our Plant Layout

Our factory is set up to optimize product flow, enhance productivity and minimize handling of products and inventory. A significant amount of raw and work-in-process (WIP) inventory is on- hand to insure that our customer delivery requirements are fully satisfied.

We utilize our own two trucks for short-haul deliveries and freight cost reduction for its inventory requirements. With over 120,000 sq ft of floor space, manufacturing is at the heart of everything we do. With no fixed hard points and a cell-based layout, the factory has been designed using modern manufacturing principles.

Our design and engineering teams work closely with manufacturing teams to ensure that knowledge is applied in real-time to evolve and continuously improve both the production process and the products that are built. By combining solid processes with highly skilled people, AG Machining is confident that we have succeeded in balancing manufacturing discipline and control with a level of autonomy that encourages our team to take ownership of the product we’re working on.

“Our manufacturing service allows our customers to focus on their world – building the value of their IP – and their priorities while we concentrate on developing the product that they rely on for the success of their business. Collaboration is what differentiates AG Machining from traditional contract manufacture Most of our customers have the potential to disrupt their chosen market by providing the best product available or ground breaking technology. We become a trusted, competent partner committed to making their product a success. Where possible it’s about seamlessly integrating with our customers’ systems, effectively providing a virtual extension to their business; our development and manufacturing capability – and our facilities – become theirs to promote to their customers and stakeholders. So – AG Machining’s success is the same as the customers success.”

Angel Garcia, President