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AGM Precision Tool Parts

AG Machining offers an extensive range of highly customized precision tool parts.

Taking the customers outline design or sketch , refining with suggested improvements and producing a highly engineered part. Customer orders can vary in quantity from 1 off up to 100 with each part going through up to 10 processing steps from raw metal to finished product. Each piece goes through a series of quality tests prior to shipment.

AG Machining’s goal is to help our customers make the best possible product for sustainable manufacture. Highly experienced and skilled teams help drive our customer’s ideas and strengthen our Intellectual Property.

“Customers look to us to address the issues that sit outside the scope of their strengths or expertise, investigating technology that sits around their IP to bring their product to market.”

Eddie Garcia, Vice President

AGM Precision ToolsThe flexibility of the manufacturing facilities and teams allows AG Machining to configure production capacity to accommodate the varying requirements of their customers – rapidly scaling up or down as necessary, and offering the opportunity for customization.